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In Church

In church I don’t care how fat or skinny I am
or what I ate the day before
or when I’m going to the gym next.
In church I don’t think about how much I hate my job
and how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning
and how I come home in tears most days.
In church I don’t wonder if I’ve chosen the wrong path
or if my efforts are tiresome and pointless.
In church I don’t worry about when I’m going to meet the “right” guy
and fall in love and get married
and whether I’ll be able to have babies
or live to meet their babies.
In church I don’t doubt that I am capable
of anything and everything I set my mind to
as long as I fully rely on Jesus for my successes.
In church I don’t care about what the people around me think
about the fact that I’m crying over the sermon
or stretching my arms high into Heaven while I sing.
In church I know that today is the only day that matters
and that tomorrow’s worries and burdens should be placed on Him and Him only.
In church it doesn’t matter what mistakes I made years ago
that I feel define me sometimes
because I am a child of the Lord and my sins are forgiven.
In church I am me
just as He made me.
Perfectly imperfect.

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The Holiday Work Struggle: A Poem.

‘Twas ten days ’til Christmas and all through my office

Were chocolates and cookies and goodies among us

I sit at my desk meal planning and gym scheduling

Only to be showered with gifts and kind gesturing

Gift givers skipping and smiling as they leave

Feeling joyful and triumphant about their good deeds

My grin turns to grimace as the door slowly closes

Knowing the willpower to come will come in large doses

How many calories in two chocolate truffles?

Do I have to count the candy cane and cookie crumbles?

I’ll have to leave work early and wake up before eight

And then run as fast as I can for about three days straight

Maybe if I Christmas shop for an entire day

I’ll burn off that one piece of fudge I’ve been saving for Friday

Then I’ll diet all weekend to prepare for the new week

Because Monday will for sure bring a new treat

Happy Holidays!

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